Medical Disposable/Bed Sheet

Medical Disposable Bed Sheet

Product Code: MD-GD-5066

Sr. No. Code No. Specification Features Size
1 MD-GD-5066 Bed Sheet Made in nonwoven absorbent impermeable materials 160x120cm
2 MD-GD-5067 Casualty Sheet Made in Spunlace absorbent impermeable fabric with Adhesive around the fenestration 600x80cm
3 MD-GD-5068 Draw Sheet Nonwoven Impermeable/absorbent material 100 x 125 cm
4 MD-GD-5069 Slit Sheet Standard design with adhesive 160 x 200 cm
5 MD-GD-5070 Small Sheet Made in Non woven material 30 x 30 cm
6 MD-GD-5071 Waterproof Sheet Made in Premium Poly material S, M, L, XL