Microscope MS-9004

Product Code: MS-9004

Sr. No. Title Description
2 NOSE PIECE Dust Proof Triple Revolving Nosepiece with positive click stop for proper centring
3 MECHANICAL STAGE Fixed square stage 110mm x 110mm with two stage clips
4 FOCUSING SYSTEM Separate coarse & fine focussing knob. Coarse movement by rack & pinion and fine movement by screw liver mechanism
5 CONDENSER Sub stage Abbe type N.A. 1.25 Condenser with Iris diaphragm (FIXED CONDENSER) with swing out filter holder
6 ILLUMINATION Illumination by plano-concave mirror (REFLECTOR) dia. 50mm in fork mount
7 OBJECTIVES (ACH.) Three achromatic objectives 10x, 40x/45x (SL) and 100x (SL) Oil Immersion
8 EYE PIECES Two Huygenian Eye Pieces 10x and 15x
9 BODY Sturdy and well-balanced monocular body, inclinable to horizontal level of 90 degree assembled from aluminium DIE-CAST parts
10 PACKING In full mould thermocol container housed in 12mm thick strong cabinet with lock and key. With Vinyl cover& Duster
11 TUBE Mechanical tube length 160±1 mm
12 FINISH Z-Black, Modern Grey and Steel Grey Colour with hard instrumental Sand chrome Plated Metallic Parts
13 SAFETY DEVICE Preset lock prevents damage to valuable slides and objectives
14 Additional Accessories 1.Illumination by sub stage pin type microscope lamp (Model ML-2)
2.Working on 3W LED Mechanical stage for X Y movements of slides.
3.Eye Pieces : Wield Field 10X
4.Objectives : 4X & 100X S/L Oil Immersion.
5.Wooden Box with key & lock.